Important nutrition rules to follow during sports

The basis of the basics of weight loss is the daily calorie deficiency (a negative indicator between their intake and expenditure). Provided the deficiency is observed and the right foods are chosen, post-workout food will not become subcutaneous or visceral fat around the waist even if you eat them after an evening workout. However, take your time, reduce the calorie content gradually. A sharp restriction leads to disruptions. If you really want something sweet, deceive yourself with sugar-free sweets: cookies, jams and syrups.
The principles of nutrition in the food window before and after training are different, and depend on age, gender, fitness level and physical activity — strength or cardio.
When deciding what to eat after a weight loss workout, you should take into account the difference in the hormonal statuses of the sexes. Men lose weight easier, easier, and faster than women, who, due to a genetically larger number of fat cells and a smaller amount of metabolically active muscle tissue, have a 10% lower metabolic rate. Despite this, the caloric content of the women's daily menu should not be less than 28.88 kcal / kg of dry body weight. If it is lower, then a violation of the hormonal balance is guaranteed, which will lead to a 0 result of weight loss or even an abnormal weight gain.
Diseases that cause hormonal imbalance are an obstacle to losing weight, even if a hypocaloric diet is followed.
Don't forget about L-carnitine or other sports nutrition fat burners. The supplement will help you lose weight more easily, get rid of excess subcutaneous and, especially, visceral fat, and also help you quickly overcome the weight plateau, if it occurs.
Be sure to drink a sufficient amount of clean water, including during training. Dehydration in men can lead to paradoxical weight gain, and women can lose weight quickly, but at the same time they also quickly get difficult to treat hormonal problems in the sexual sphere, threatening childlessness. Keep your drinking balance under control, as low-calorie and low-carb diets dull the feeling of thirst.
Supplements with extracts from the fruits listed in the article, smoothies and fresh fruits from them taken after training will reduce muscle soreness, reduce the level of harmful creatine kinase, prevent violations of muscle contractility and limitation of range of motion.