What is the best thing to eat after a weight loss workout to replenish basal muscle glycogen

It will be optimal if in the post-training food window carbohydrates are obtained from fruits, smoothies, fresh or food additives from them, and the lack of tabular results can be covered with isotonic. Independent studies have recommended: bananas, grapes, cherries, Montmorency cherries, blueberries, black currants, pomegranates, tomatoes, aronia.
These berries also contain fruit polyphenols, which help athletes recover faster, increase endurance and performance. Separately, we will highlight the usefulness of including cranberries in the menu of the post-training food window, which will protect the body, which is under the restrictions of a diet for weight loss, from iron deficiency, a drop in hemoglobin and the development of anemia.
On the days of training on simulators, within 30 minutes after the end of classes, along with carbohydrates (see paragraph 4 in the table above), proteins should be taken. For this, a cocktail with BCAA is best suited: for men — 5-8 g, for women — 3-5 g. The younger and less trained a person is, the lower the dose. Elderly 60 + recommended whey protein — 1 serving at the rate of 0.3 g / kg of body weight. The proposed doses of protein will not give an intensive increase in muscle mass, but will protect the musculature from destruction and will promote fat burning.
But what is better to eat after a workout to lose weight during the main meal as a source of vegetable and animal protein: dairy products (3.5–9%), hard and soft cheeses; eggs; chicken, turkey, rabbit; young mature beef, beef liver; fish, seafood, caviar, sea cabbage; soy products; legumes, peanuts, peanut paste.
Buckwheat, oatmeal and pearl barley porridge, little or no starchy vegetables are recommended as a side dish, as sources of long carbohydrates and fiber. It is better to replace bread with loaves. Mushrooms can be left in the diet, but in minimal quantities — as a seasoning. Mushroom proteins are very difficult to digest and are almost not digested.
Avocados, olives, chocolate and nuts are excellent sources of healthy fats for losing weight. When buying chocolate, give preference to sugar—free varieties - bitter black, brut, extra brut. You can eat any nuts.
When buying protein bars for snacks during weight loss, choose those that do not contain sugar. Those who lose weight should remember the conclusion made by ISSN in 2008 that the size, protein and carbohydrate content, and meal time before training can significantly affect the degree of need for protein nutrition after training.