When and what to eat before weight loss workouts

General tips on nutrition at the stage of weight loss before training are as follows:
- pasta can be eaten only from durum wheat, in combination with vegetable oil and a large amount of spicy herbs, and only 1.5 hours before a high-intensity workout, the duration of which will exceed 60 minutes;
- the time gap between breakfast / lunch / dinner and the start of the workout (if there are no pasta in it) should be at least 60 minutes, and between a snack and a workout — at least 30 minutes;
- in a snack, breakfast or lunch before training, it is shown to include a salad of buryak, pomegranate and watermelon (in season), which the rest of the year is successfully replaced by the supplement L-citrulline (malate);
- protein shake consumption (50% of the recommended dose for bodybuilders) + a small amount of fast carbohydrates (see paragraph 4 in the table above) and / or an antioxidant complex, 15-20 minutes before the start of strength training will protect lipids from peroxidation, increase efficiency and increase the number of calories burned, accelerate recovery;
- during weight loss before cardio, you can eat ½ banana and only if there is a strong hunger or before a morning jog before breakfast.
Those who lose weight should definitely include the supplement L-carnitine in the diet, as this substance promotes fat burning and increases overall endurance. It should be taken 40 minutes before the start of training. In the morning, before breakfast, the time can be reduced to 20 minutes. The dose — 500-1500 mg — directly depends on the difference between the current and ideal weight. The larger it is, the more mg should be taken. But you should always start with 1500 mg. In the case of 2 workouts a day, for example, morning cardio before breakfast + an evening session in the gym, the current daily dose is divided in half.
Also, during weight loss, you should not give up high-quality tea or natural coffee. Tannin and caffeine are one of the best fat—burning catalysts, which are absolutely wrongly assigned the function of blocking protein assimilation on the Internet. However, these tonic and fat-burning substances inhibit the production of insulin, and this in turn slows down the remodeling of glycogen in the muscles and liver. Therefore, losing weight, drink tea and coffee no earlier than 1.5 hours after training.
Undoubtedly, dried fruits are useful, but they contain too many sugars (fast carbohydrates). Therefore, at the stage of losing weight from them, from honey, as well as maple syrup, it is better to give up altogether.